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Cooking made easy, Healthy diet and recipes, delicious, Left over cooking, Junk but healthy.

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The Word Jugaad means a flexible approach to solve a problem, that uses limited resources in an innovative way.

Rasoi Means Kitchen, a place used for cooking


Home cooking is a hard, time-consuming, painfully-acquired set of skills, Despite the much-ballyhooed increase in men cooking, women still do the lion’s share of the food preparation in most of country.


Lifestyle disorders due to poor eating habits have become a commodity amongst the working class due to their busy, fast-paced lifestyle.

The first thought on waking each morning is what to get cook for dinner, So add in more time for planning.


Cooking and access to healthy foods have been a major concern, as people resort to cheap and convenient unhealthy foods that are easily available.


There is a difference between Fast food and Junk food. We define fast food is anything which can be eaten and available quickly, which advice our viewer to eat fast food and avoid junk food…. confused…. fast food examples are banana (peel it and eat it), so fruits are fast food…wash it and eat it… junk food or on other hand are unhealthy food like burgers, pasta, etc


In today's scenario when your kids want to eat junk food and they start crying if you do not feed them what options are left so that both parents and kids are happy, so we introduced the concept of healthy junk food, for example if your kids want to eat pizza then use wheat base instead of Maida (All Purpose Flour), put lots of green vegetables in the base, instead of cheese you can use Paneer and very slight topping of cheese to give it a look and feel factor. now a pizza without a lot of cheese and Maida is healthy.


Similarly if your kids want to eat Maggie Noodles, We suggest you to use oat based Maggie add lots of vegetables in the form of soup or paste and serve it to your kids


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