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The Word Jugaad means a flexible approach to solve a problem, that uses limited resources in an innovative way. Rasoi Means Kitchen, a place used for cooking

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With over 25K followers we are present on all Social Media platform like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google Groups, Pinterest, Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, Chingari, Mx Takatak, Tumblr, Josh, Moj, Mitro, Zii, Roposo, Koo, Tiki etc......

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Healthy Vegetable Maggie Masala Noodles

Kids love Maggie Noodles, Parents wants Kids to eat Healthy, 
In this video you can learn how to make Junk food in healthy style, Simply replace Maida floor into Wheat Floor and add lots of Vegetables for Nutrients, you may add some taste makers to improve the taste of veggies.

Mushroom Vegetable Soup 

Homemade soups where never so tasty or we were always dependent on ready to go soups where you just boil and drink, but are they healthy ? what...
I love soup in winters or rainy season, but do not wish to have unhealthy soups....try watching the video and make a delicious tasty and healthy soup your self in minutes. you may add or delete ingredients as per your choice. 

Achari Masala Mushroom - Street Style

Achari Masala Mushroom - Street Style - Make it at your home. Hassle-free Healthy & Tasty

If you are fond of eating Street Food but during pandemic develop the fear of eating out because of of Healthy and Hygiene, here is the recipe you can enjoy at home.

Cooking time : 15 Min


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